The prognostic significance ofBRAFmutation status in stage IIIB–C melanoma

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Evaluation of: Moreau S, Saiag P, Aegerter P et al. Prognostic value of BRAF (V600) mutations in melanoma patients after resection of metastatic lymph nodes. Ann. Surg. Oncol. 19(13), 4314–4321 (2012).

Recently introduced systemic agents have shown promising results in melanoma patients with distant metastases. However, the durability of the effect of these agents is still disappointing. In melanoma patients with palpable regional lymph node metastases, these new systemic drugs might induce longer efficacy as tumor load is low compared to patients with distant metastases. However, before administering these potentially toxic and still very expensive systemic drugs the selection of patients who will most probably benefit from them is important. In this key paper evaluation, the use of BRAF mutation status as a prognostic marker in stage III melanoma is discussed.

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