Office-Based Diagnosis of Demodex Using Smartphone

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Demodex is an important pathogen in ophthalmology. It is believed to cause a variety of eyelid and eyelash diseases. Currently, light microscopes are being used for imaging demodex. However, microscopes are not available everywhere. Also, it is not cost-effective to perform light microscopy in every case. In this case, we demonstrate a new method: imaging demodex using cell phone. A 90-diopter noncontact double aspheric lens was attached to the posterior camera of the smartphone with clear tape. An eyelash of a patient with blepharitis was removed. A video was taken using smartphone. There was a moving demodex parasite in the root of the eyelash. A clear video image could be taken using the smartphone. A smartphone and a 90-diopter lens are adequate for the imaging and diagnosis of demodex.

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