Does Occupation Influence Selection of Contact Lens Material?

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Objective:Long-term follow-up of contact lens (CL) wearers leads to better understanding of the factors leading to changes in CL trends. This study is an attempt to ascertain these factors in an emerging market like India. Factors like occupation were analyzed to determine if these contributed to changes in selection of CL materials in this article.Methods:Occupations were categorized as per the norms of International Standard Classification of Occupations-2008 (International Labor Organization, United Nations organization).Results:A majority of lens wearers were professionals and hydrogel lens materials were the lenses of choice among most of the lens wearers. There was a significant variation in CL material with different occupations (χ2=19.29, P=0.037).Conclusion:To conclude, employment and affordability influenced the selection of lens materials.

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