Pull of Gravity: A Media Review Focusing on the Social and Environmental Effects of Recidivism

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Recidivism is defined as reincarceration, reconviction and/or being reimprisoned. This article focuses on the issues of recidivism while incorporating Pull of Gravity, a documentary, which highlights the challenges ex-offenders encounter during postrelease. This article explores 3 sociological issues closely related to recidivism: (1) types of populations that are recidivating, (2) communities' ex-offenders are returning home to, and (3) challenges they face in their transition. This article integrates research on issues of reentry and utilizes real-life experiences reflected through this film to give readers a tangible perception on the challenges that are currently faced. It explores possible resolutions while prompting critical thinking for everyone; individuals who are familiar with this topic and those who are foreign.

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