Augmenting the Prejowl: Deciding between Fat, Fillers, and Implants

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The prejowl sulcus is a complex anatomic structure that results from several age-related changes in the lower face. These changes include the localized atrophy of a segment of the mandible inferior to the mental foreman, fat atrophy, and dehiscence and laxity of the ligamentous and muscular components of the region. The correction of the prejowl sulcus is rarely accomplished through rhytidectomy alone. Instead, the volume deficit of the sulcus usually requires the replacement of volume. Solid implants, fillers, and fat transfer may be used to improve the contour of the lower face. These can be used in isolation and in conjunction with rhytidectomy. The decision of what method to be used depends on the severity of the deformity, the patient's adjacent anatomy, the patient's wishes, and the skill set of the surgeon.

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