Direct Excision of the Lower Eyelid: A Safe and Effective Method for Treating Dermatochalasis and Pigmentation

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The subciliary and skin pinch approaches are the most widely accepted techniques for treating dermatochalasis of the lower eyelid. Direct excision (DE) is an accepted method for treating festoons; however, it is not a popular technique for the treatment of dermatochalasis and pigment of the lower lid. DE of the lower lid offers a safe and excellent aesthetic result for dermatochalasis and pigment of the lower lid, without causing lower lid malposition, which can occur with more traditional methods. In addition to being able to remove significantly more skin without risking lower lid malposition, this procedure allows for removal of the most pigmented and poorly textured skin overlying the nasojugal groove. It is an effective alternative to the conventional subciliary and skin pinch approaches.

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