Family Emotional Involvement and Criticism Scale (FEICS): II. Reliability and Validity Studies

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This article is a report on a replication study of the reliability and validity of the Family Emotional Involvement and Criticism Scale (FEICS). A sample of 928 people (a 63% return rate for 1,480 mailed questionnaires) participated in the study. The sample was drawn from patients in a Family Medicine practice. FEICS consists of 14 items: 7 items assess Perceived Criticism (PC) and 7 items assess Emotional Involvement (EI). The scale was developed to assess, from the receipient's perspective; the two major variables of Expressed Emotion (EE), which are traditionally assessed with an in-depth personal interview. PC and EI both showed stable item structures and reliability. Cronbach's alpha for PC was .82, and for EI was .76, which compare with .82 and .74, respectively, that we found in our original study (50). Factor analyses examining the item stability of the two scales again found the same factor structure as in the original study. Additional factor analyses comparing the factor structure of FEICS with FACES III, and with two subscales of the FAD, showed FEICS to have a stable factor structure even when compared to other family scales. FEICS has good criterion validity as shown through correlational analysis of its relationship with depressive symptoms, anxiety, and perceived health.

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