Inactivation of colicin Y by intramembrane helix–helix interaction with its immunity protein

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The construction of hybrids between colicins U and Y and the mutagenesis of the colicin Y gene (cya) have revealed amino acid residues important for interactions between colicin Y and its cognate immunity protein (Cyi). Four such residues (I578, T582, Y586 and V590) were found in helices 8 and 9 of the colicin Y pore-forming domain. To verify the importance of these residues, the corresponding amino acids in the colicin B protein were mutated to the residues present in colicin Y. An Escherichia coli strain with cloned colicin Y immunity gene (cyi) inactivated this mutant, but not the wild-type colicin B. In addition, interacting amino acid pairs in Cya and Cyi were identified using a set of Cyi point mutant strains. These data are consistent with antiparallel helix–helix interactions between Cyi helix T3 and Cya helix 8 of the pore-forming domain as a molecular mechanism of colicin Y inactivation by its immunity protein.

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