A negative feedback loop between miR-200b and the nuclear factor-κB pathway via IKBKB/IKK-β in breast cancer cells

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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) act as important post-transcriptional regulators of gene expression in diverse signalling pathways. However, the relationship between miR-200b and the nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) signalling pathway remains poorly understood in breast cancer cells. In the current study, we show that IKBKB is a direct target of miR-200b, and that miR-200b downregulates IKBKB expression via directly binding to its 3′-UTR. miR-200b inhibits IκBα phosphorylation, nuclear p50/p65 expression, NF-κB-binding activity, and the translocation of p65 to the nucleus. In addition, miR-200b also suppresses tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-α-induced NF-κB activation and the expression of NF-κB target genes. Importantly, IKBKB overexpression attenuates the inhibitory roles of miR-200b in NF-κB expression, NF-κB-binding activity, and the nuclear translocation of p65. We also show that NF-κB p65 knockdown reduces the binding of NF-κB to the miR-200b promoter and miR-200b promoter activity. Furthermore, p65 knockdown or inhibition of IκBα phosphorylation suppresses miR-200b expression. Finally, functional studies show that IKBKB overexpression can restore the cell growth and migration that are suppressed by miR-200b. In conclusion, our results demonstrate that miR-200b, a transcriptional target of NF-κB, suppresses breast cancer cell growth and migration, and NF-κB activation, through downregulation of IKBKB, indicating that miR-200b has potential as a therapeutic target in breast cancer patients.The schematic representation of the relationship between miR-200b and NF-κB pathway in breast cancer cells.miR-200b suppresses IKBKB expression, resulting in the suppression of NF-kB activation. In addition, miR-200b also suppresses TNF-α-induced NF-kB activation. Importantly, NF-kB can contribute to the transcription of miR-200b through binding to the miR-200b promoter. miR-200b suppresses cell growth and migration.

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