Host-defence peptide profiles of the skin secretions of interspecific hybrid tree frogs and their parents, female Litoria splendida and male Litoria caerulea

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Five healthy adult female first-generation hybrid tree frogs were produced by interspecific breeding of closely related tree frogs Litoria splendida and L. caerulea in a cage containing large numbers of males and females of both species. Phylogenetic analysis of mitochondrial DNA sequences established the female parent to be L. splendida. The peptide profile of the hybrid frogs included the neuropeptide caerulein, four antibiotics of the caerin 1 family and several neuronal nitric oxide synthase inhibitors of the caerin 1 and 2 classes of peptides. The skin secretions of the hybrids contained some peptides common to only one parent, some produced by both parental species, and four peptides expressed by the hybrids but not the parental species.

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