The transcriptional modulator Ifrd1 controls PGC-1α expression under short-term adrenergic stimulation in brown adipocytes

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Sympathetic tone activates the function of classical brown adipocytes, which constitutively exist in the brown adipose tissue (BAT), and inducible brown adipocytes (so-called beige adipocytes), which sporadically reside within the white adipose tissue (WAT). Here we identified the transcriptional modulator interferon-related developmental regulator 1 (Ifrd1) as a negative regulator of thermogenic and mitochondrial gene expression in brown adipocytes. Ifrd1 expression was markedly induced by cold exposure and administration of CL-316243 (a β3 adrenergic agonist) in interscapular brown adipose and inguinal subcutaneous WATs, but not in epididymal visceral WAT, in vivo. Adrenergic stimulation also induced Ifrd1 expression in brown adipocytes in a cAMP responsive element binding protein-dependent manner in vitro. CL-316243 injection markedly elevated thermogenic and mitochondrial gene expression, including peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ coactivator 1α (Pgc1a) in the subcutaneous WAT of Ifrd1 knockout mice compared with gene expression in wild-type mice. Pgc1a promoter activity enhanced by the transcription factor specificity protein 1 (Sp1) was markedly repressed by co-introduction of Ifrd1 in brown adipocytes, whereas the repression was markedly prevented by the addition of trichostatin A, a histone deacetylase inhibitor. Moreover, adrenergic stimulation induced complex formation between Ifrd1, Sp1 and mSIN3B, which is a component of the SIN complex containing histone deacetylase, in brown adipocytes. These findings, therefore, suggest that Ifrd1 could be a pivotal negative regulator of sympathetic regulation of thermogenic and mitochondrial gene expression in brown adipocytes by interacting with Sp1 and the mSIN3 complex.

Sympathetic stimulation induces Ifrd1 expression not only in subcutaneous white adipose tissue and BAT in vivo but also in brown adipocytes in vitro via the CREB pathway. Furthermore, Ifrd1 negatively regulates Pgc1a expression by modulating Sp1-dependent transcription in brown adipocytes in a histone deacetylase-dependent manner.

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