Phage vB_BsuP-Goe1: the smallest identified lytic phage of Bacillus subtilis

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Currently, interest in phage science is on the rise again as this subject remains largely unexplored, and its potential diversity mainly untapped. Here, we present phage vB_BsuP-Goe1, a new isolate that infects Bacillus subtilis. The phage forms round plaques with a matt outline on agar plates containing a B. subtilis Δ6 lawn. Transmission electron microscopy and genomic analyses revealed that phage vB_BsuP-Goe1 belongs to the Podoviridae family as a new member of the Phi29likevirus genus. The phage genome comprises 18 379 bp that encode for one RNA gene and for 24 open reading frames. Phage vB_BsuP-Goe1 clusters with phage B103 and Nf within the Phi29likevirus genus and is currently the smallest member of this genus. Genome comparison with members of the Phi29likevirus genus reveals a conserved gene set coding for essential replication and morphogenesis functions while the genome extremities are more prone to gene and genome organisation variability.

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