Fatty acid composition of the ingested food only slightly affects physicochemical properties of liver total phospholipids and plasma membranes in cold-adapted freshwater fish
The influence of temperature, dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids, α-tocopherol and spermine on fatty acid composition and indices of oxidative stress in juvenile Arctic char, Salvelinus alpinus (L.)
What determines the size of teleost erythrocytes? Correlations with oxygen transport and nuclear volume
Lysis of pathogenic bacteria by epidermal cathepsins L and B in the Japanese eel
Modulation of the response of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum) to confinement, by an ectoparasitic (Argulus foliaceus L.) infestation and cortisol feeding
High stocking density produces crowding stress altering some physiological and biochemical parameters in gilthead seabream, Sparus aurata, juveniles
Natriuretic peptides and the control of catecholamine release in two freshwater teleost and a marine elasmobranch fish
An 11-ketotestosterone induced kidney-secreted protein
In vivo rates of protein synthesis in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) smolts determined using a stable isotope flooding dose technique