Antiproliferative effect of 1-deamino-8-D-arginine vasopressin analogs on human breast cancer cells

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Background: Desmopressin (dDAVP), a synthetic nonapeptide derivative of arginine vasopressin, is a safe antidiuretic and hemostatic compound that acts as a selective agonist for the vasopressin V2 membrane receptor (V2R). It is known that dDAVP can inhibit progression of residual metastatic cells in preclinical models. Among other mechanisms, the compound induces an agonist effect on V2R present in tumor cells. Results/discussion: Looking for novel analogs with improved anti-tumor activity, positions 4 and 5, at the conformational peptide loop, were substituted. The analog [V4Q5]dDAVP ([4-valine 5-glutamine] desmopressin) exhibited a significantly higher antiproliferative effect than dDAVP in cultures of MCF-7, a V2R-expressing human breast carcinoma cell line. The chiral isomer of this analog and tetrapeptide fragments corresponding to the loop region were also assessed. Conclusion: Preclinical evaluation of the anti-tumor activity of [V4Q5]dDAVP in animal models is warranted.

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