Effect of Chinese Soft-shell Turtle Egg Powder on Immune Functions in Mice

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The effects of whole Chinese soft-shell turtle egg powder (WTE) on immune functions is unknown. Female ICR 6-week-old mice (n=80) were administered for 30 days with 1.125 g·kg−1 WTE. Spleen and thymus were weighed and spleen lymphocyte proliferation response to concanavalin A (Con A), plaque forming cell(PFC) assay, phagocytosis assay and NK cell activity detection were performed on day 30. Compared to vehicle control, WTE increased the relative weight of spleen (p<0.05). Mice treated with WTE showed increased Con A stimulated lymphocyte proliferation (p<0.05) and PFC (p<0.01). Carbon clearance capacity (p<0.05) and NK cell activity (p<0.01) were also enhanced while a mild improvement was seen in phagocytosis capacity of peritoneal cavity macrophages in WTE treated mice. In conclusion, our data provides evidence of the enhanced effects of WTE in cell-mediated immunity, humoral immunity and NK cell activity in mice.

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