An Enzymatic Cow Immunity-Targeted Approach to Reducing Milk Somatic Cell Count. 1. A Preliminary Study using Lysosubtilin

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A cow experiment was conducted in order to give a preliminary evaluation for an enzymatic approach to reducing milk somatic cell count (SCC). Twenty second to third lactation Lithuanian black and white cows with a similar milk SCC [(800±150)×103 cells ml−1] and of a similar weight (550±50 kg) were randomly allocated into four groups (n=5) and were given lysosubtilin, a model enzyme preparation, once daily with feed at doses of 0, 5, 10 or 20 mg kg wt−1 (each group of animals received a different dose) for ten successive days. Application of the highest lysosubtilin dose tested (20 mg kg wt−1) resulted in a statistically significant (P<0.05) reduction of milk SCC. No significant changes in hematological indices of cows as well as in protein, fat ant lactose quantities in milk influenced by lysosubtilin application were observed. A possible mechanism of a beneficial action of lysosubtilin and prospects for future studies are discussed.

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