Bands of Localized Electromagnetic Waves in 3D Random Media

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Anderson localization of electromagnetic waves in three-dimensional disordered dielectric structures is studied using a simple yet realistic theoretical model. An effective approach based on analysis of probability distributions, not averages, is developed. The disordered dielectric medium is modeled by a system of randomly distributed electric dipoles. Spectra of certain random matrices are investigated and the possibility of appearance of the continuous band of localized waves emerging in the limit of an infinite medium is indicated. It is shown that localization could be achieved without tuning the frequency of monochromatic electromagnetic waves to match the internal (Mie-type) resonances of individual scatterers. A possible explanation for the lack of experimental evidence for strong localization in 3D as well as suggestions how to make localization experimentally feasible are also given. Rather peculiar requirements for setting in localization in 3D as compared to 2D are indicated.

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