Use of External Fixation and Primary Wound Closure in an Open Comminuted First Metatarsal Fracture: A Case Report

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Management of open, comminuted fractures presents a challenge for the foot and ankle surgeon. Reconstructive surgery for such injuries has a high potential for the development of serious complications, and factors such as the extent of soft tissue injury, neurovascular status to the foot, and fracture stability must be taken into consideration before determining a surgical plan. This article describes the case of a patient who presented with an open, comminuted first metatarsal fracture as a result of a chainsaw injury. The patient was treated with a uniplanar mini-external fixator, demineralized bone matrix, primary wound closure, and external bone growth stimulation. At 1-year follow-up, the interview and examination revealed the patient to be pain free with a functional first ray. ACFAS Level of Clinical Evidence: 4.

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