Metal-reinforced Cement Augmentation for Complex Talar Subsidence in Failed Total Ankle Arthroplasty

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There are limited options for failed total ankle arthroplasty (TAA) with major talar bone loss and component subsidence. Surgical options for this condition include revision arthroplasty, salvage arthrodesis, or amputation. Revision arthroplasty generally has been considered in situations of loose components with minimal bone loss or use of expensive custom-fabricated prosthetic components with elongated stems. Historically, failure that involves major talar bone loss has been considered resistant to reconstruction, and responsive only to complex arthrodesis or amputation. In this report, we describe a unique method of restoring talar support and preserving ankle function after failed TAA with major talar bone loss and component subsidence. Talar reconstruction using metal-reinforced bone cement augmentation is combined with the Inbone (Wright Medical Technology, Inc., Arlington, TN) total ankle system to restore talar height and ligamentous support. This technique has been used successfully in the last 4 years for various patterns of talar bone loss and obviates the need for custom components. When successfully performed, the revision technique results in restoration of mechanical alignment, anatomic height, and component support, in addition to providing substantial symptomatic relief.

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