Unique Complication of a Shirodkar Cerclage: Remote Formation of a Vesicocervical Fistula in a Patient With the History of Cervical Cerclage Placement

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Cervical cerclage placement is an accepted treatment for cervical insufficiency and recurrent second-trimester pregnancy loss. The most commonly described complications of cerclage include rupture of fetal membranes, intra-amniotic infection, endometritis, and peripartum bleeding. We present a unique case of a vesicocervical fistula formation remote from cerclage placement.


A vesicocervical fistula was diagnosed in a 51-year-old patient who presented with a chief complaint of vaginal bleeding. The fistula was found on cystoscopic examination after the extrusion, from the cervix, of Mersilene tape from a Shirodkar cerclage placed 13 years earlier for management of cervical insufficiency.


Although the presented condition was managed conservatively, one should discuss remote formation of urogenital fistulae as a rare complication of cervical cerclage at the time of informed consent.

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