Persistent Vaginal Leakage in the Setting of an Apical Vaginal Sinus Tract: A Case Report

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Fistulas are defined as abnormal connections between 2 organ, vessels, or structures. They can often present in the genitourinary tract as a result of iatrogenic injury during pelvic surgery. A 46-year-old female presents many years after a hysterectomy for persistent vaginal leakage with concern for a vesicovaginal fistula. Computed tomography urogram, intravenous retrograde pyelogram, and cystoscopy were negative for vesicovaginal fistula; however, a vaginal sinus tract was noted and further explored. This case report will describe the use of both laparoscopy and concomitant vaginoscopy to diagnose and, ultimately, surgically excise a salpingovaginal fistula.

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