Forest biomass at Xiaolong Mountain in Gansu Province, China

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In order to accurately estimate the size of the carbon pool and the capacity of the carbon sink in the forested areas of Xiaolong Mountain in Gansu Province, we have established regression equations of organ biomass of eight tree species. We measured and investigated the biomass of different forest stand types based on data from 1259 standard sample plots and 836 standard sample trees. The results show that stand biomass, expressed in t·hm-2 for eight types of forest stands on Xiaolong Mountain, are as follows: Quercus aliena var. acuteserrata 84.05, Pinus tabulaeformis 62.44, Quercus variabilis 81.77, Populus sp. and Betula sp. combined 77.44, Larix sp. 69.00, Pinus armandii 70.07, Picea sp. 96.49 and Abies sp. 98.72. We also looked at other broad-leaved mixed forests. Our study shows that the biomass of a single tree of each tree species is closely related to the diameter at breast height (DBH) and to tree height. The biomass of single trees as well as stand volumes is closely related to average DBH, average tree height and to stand density.

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