Involvement of nitric oxide in thein vitrointeraction between Manila clam,Ruditapes philippinarum, hemocytes and the bacteriumVibrio tapetis

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The Manila clam, Ruditapes philippinarum can become infected by the bacterium Vibrio tapetis which causing the Brown Ring Disease along North European Atlantic coasts. Variations in clam immune parameters have been reported in clam challenged with V. tapetis but no studies have been done on Nitric Oxide (NO) production. NO is a toxic agent to pathogens produced mostly by immune cells such as hemocytes in invertebrates. In this study, we demonstrated that NO production in hemolymph and extrapallial fluid of clams is dose dependent and increases with incubation time with V. tapetis. Moreover, the augmentation of NO production seems to be directly correlated to cell rounding and to the loss of pseudopods-forming capacity of hemocytes during the infection process.

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