Over-expression, purification and immune responses toAeromonas hydrophilaAL09-73 flagellar proteins

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Aeromonas hydrophila is ubiquitous in aquatic environments worldwide and causes many diseases in fish as well as human. Recent outbreaks of aeromonad diseases in channel catfish prompted us to investigate catfish immune responses during infection of A. hydrophila. In this communication, we report to amplify, over-express, purify and characterize 19 A. hydrophila flagellar proteins. All recombinant proteins were confirmed by nucleotide sequencing of expression plasmids, SDS-PAGE analysis and His tag Western blot of induced proteins. Our preliminary result also showed that the purified recombinant FlgK protein reacted strongly to sera from experimentally infected catfish, suggesting that this protein has potential for a novel target for vaccine development. It is also anticipated that these recombinant proteins will provide us with very useful tools to investigate host immune response to this microorganism.

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