Effects of dietary Ergosan on cutaneous mucosal immune response in rainbow trout(Oncorhynchus mykiss)

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The effects of dietary Ergosan on the growth performance and mucosal immunity in rainbow trout skin were investigated. 60 rainbow trout (100–110 g) were randomly assigned to 2 groups in triplicates and fed one of the experimental diet formulated with 5 g kg−1 Ergosan or control diet for 50 days. Results showed that on the 45th day of feeding trial, Ergosan supplementation significantly enhanced the growth performance compared to control group. Various enzyme activities, namely lysozyme, protease, alkaline phosphatase and esterase in treatment group were also enhanced on the 45th and 50th day. Skin mucus in Ergosan-fed fish showed the agglutination of erythrocytes while in control group, no visible agglutination was shown. In addition, skin mucus in treatment group showed strong antibacterial activity against Yersinia ruckeri. In conclusion, the major immune components of rainbow trout mucus that are involved in the non-specific immunity were enhanced by administration of Ergosan in 5 g kg−1.

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