Passive protection effect of anti-Vibrio anguillarumIgY-encapsulated feed on half-smooth tongue sole (Cynoglossus semilaevi) againstV. anguillarum

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Vibrio anguillarum is one of the most harmful pathogens associated with hemorrhage septicemia syndrome in the half-smooth tongue sole (C. semilaevis) due to its high virulence. In this study, we attempted to treat half-smooth tongue sole with anti-V. anguillarum egg yolk powder to elicit a passive immunity directly against V. anguillarum infection. Anti-V. anguillarum IgY was β-cyclodextrin encapsulated in egg yolk powders as feed, which could avoid antibody inactivation in the gastrointestinal tract of half-smooth tongue sole. The IgY had an inhibiting effect on the infection of V. anguillarum in vitro. The survival rate of half-smooth tongue sole fed with basal diet containing 15% anti-V. anguillarum egg yolk powder was 70% after 7 days post-V. anguillarum challenge (107 CFU), which was significantly higher than those fed without anti-V. anguillarum egg yolk powder. As well, the bacterial burden in blood, liver, spleen and kidney was significantly lower in half-smooth tongue sole fed with specific IgY than those fed with non-specific IgY. These results suggested that pathogen-specific IgY may provide a valuable treatment for vibriosis infection and can be a promising food additive.

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