Differential expression of microRNAs ofLitopenaeus vannameiin response to different virulence WSSV infection

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WSSV is one of the most harmful pathogeny in the pacific white shrimp, and genetic variations caused the strains of different virulence. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) involved in the regulation of virus defense. To understand the different virulence of WSSV on miRNA expression in Litopeneaus vannamei, the deep sequencing was performed to compare two small RNA libraries prepared from hepatopancreas of Litopeneaus vannamei infected with normal-virulence or low-virulence WSSV. Approximately 29,398,623 raw reads from normal-virulence library and 35,291,803 raw reads from low-virulence library were obtained. There were about 37 miRNAs homologs identified. Sixteen miRNAs were significantly up-regulated and twenty-one miRNAs were significantly down-regulated in normal-virulence infection library compared with low-virulence infection library. Of these, Igi-miR-1175–3p was the most significant different miRNA, followed by bmo-miR-1175–3p and ipu-miR-26b, respectively. The putative target genes for differentially expressed miRNAs were concerned with biological processes, signal meditated, cell differentiation and apoptosis, immune recognition and other more functions. The results will help to understand the miRNAs response to different virulence WSSV infection.HIGHLIGHTSApproximately 29,398,623 and 35,291,803 raw reads obtained from normal- or low-virulence library.Sixteen or twenty-one differential miRNAs were up- or down-regulated respectively.Igi-miR-1175–3p was the most significant different miRNA.

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