DNA shuffling approach for recombinant polyvalent OmpAs againstV. alginolyticusandE. tardainfections

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Molecular breeding via DNA shuffling directs the evolution of vaccines with desired traits. In the present study, polyvalent OmpA vaccines were generated by DNA shuffling of five ompA genes from four species of bacteria Vibrio parahaemolyticus, V. alginolyticus, Edwardsiella tarda and Escherichia coli. First, a new hybrid OmpA was constructed using VA0764 primers and used for construction of a prokaryotic expressing library PompAs-FV containing 84 ompAs, which were validated by PCR and SDS/PAGE. Then, the 84 ompAs were used to construct a eukaryotic expressing library EompAs-FV for preparing DNA vaccines. Third, extracellular bacterium V. alginolyticus challenge post active immunization using these DNA vaccines was carried out to identify genes with high immunoprotection. Among the 84 ompAs, 17 showed higher or equal immune protection against infection caused by V. alginolyticus than control VA0764. Finally, immune protection against infection caused by intracellular bacterium Edwardsiella tarda was assessed further using the top seven out of the 17 ompAs. This led to identification of three efficient polyvalent vaccines against infections caused by the extracellular bacterium V. alginolyticus and intracellular bacterium E. tarda. In addition, we sequenced genes for understanding mechanisms of the polyvalent vaccines, but association of immune protection with mutation of gene and amino acids is not determined. These results indicate that DNA shuffling is an efficient way to develop polyvalent vaccines against microbial infections.

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