Global analysis of transcriptome sequences highlights accelerated evolution of immune genes inDanio chopraeandDanio albolineatus

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Danio fishes, a small type animal with short sexual cycles, are model vertebrate species. To investigate the genic evolution of this genus, the transcriptomes from Danio choprae and Danio albolineatus were sequenced by Illumina HiSeq 4000 platform. A total of 128,427,304 sequence reads from two Danio fishes were generated by Next Generation Sequencing. The resulting in two assemblies contained 88,682 and 88,029 unigenes in the Danio choprae and Danio albolineatus. Analysis of the orthologs from the Danio choprae and Danio albolineatus provided consistent evidence for the accelerated genic evolution in the Danio fishes. Several genes referring to immune functions under positive selection were identified by branch site model analysis, such as REL, GTF2E1, STAT6, MPG in Danio choprae and CYP17A1, ADORA2A, MYCN in Danio albolineatus. Our data provide novel insights into the adaptation in Danio fishes and is useful for understanding the genetic basis of adaptation in zebrafish.HighlightscDNA libraries from Danio choprae and Danio albolineatus were sequenced.A total of 3842 clean putative orthologs were identified from three Danio fishes.Accelerated genic evolution of several immune genes was found.

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