Identification and expression analysis of fetuin B (FETUB) in turbot (Scophthalmus maximusL.) mucosal barriers following bacterial challenge

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Fetuin B (FETUB), a recently described cysteine proteinase inhibitor, has numerous conserved N-glycosylation sites, species-specific O-glycosylation sites, and two cystatin (CY) domains. FETUB is likely to play regulatory roles in acute inflammation, female infertility, fish organogenesis and tumor suppression. In the present study, transcript of turbot FETUB gene was captured, its protein structure and expression patterns in different tissues with emphasis on mucosal barriers following different bacterial infection were characterized. Turbot FETUB gene showed the closest relationship with Takifugu rubripes in phylogenetic analysis. In addition, FETUB was ubiquitously expressed in all examined tissues with the highest expression level in skin. Finally, FETUB gene showed different expression patterns following both bacterial challenge. The rapidly and significantly differential expression patterns of FETUB in mucosal surfaces against bacterial infections might indicate its key roles to prevent pathogen attachment and entry in turbot mucosal immunity. Functional studies should be carried out to further characterize the FETUB and avail utilization of its function to increase the disease resistance of turbot in maintaining the integrity of the mucosal barriers against infections and to facilitate selection of the fine family/varieties of disease resistance in turbot.HighlightsFETUB gene is homologous to their counterparts in other vertebrates.FETUB gene was ubiquitously expressed in turbot tissues.FETUB gene showed different expression patterns following different bacterial challenge.

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