Bentonite clay supplemented diet on immunity in stinging catfish,Heteropneustes fossilisagainstAeromonas hydrophila

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The effect of Sodium Bentonite (SB) enriched diet on growth performance, innate immune response, and disease resistance in stinging catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis against Aeromonas hydrophila is reported. The infected fish fed with 5% SB had the maximum weight gain diet (PWG %) and specific growth rate (SGR %) were 26% and 29% when compared to 14% and 17% with 10% diet. Similarly the phagocytic activity increased significantly when infected fish were fed with 5% or 10% SB diets during the experimental period; the complement, respiratory burst and lysozyme activities were also significantly enhanced on weeks 2 and 4. The lower cumulative mortality (10% and 15%) was observed when the infected fish were fed with 5% and 10% SB diets for 30 days. The results suggest that the infected H. fossilis after administration of 5% and 10% SB enriched diets for 30 days had significantly improved growth performance, innate immunity, and disease resistance against A. hydrophilla. Hence, sodium bentonite can be used as a feed additive to stimulate immunity and for disease resistance in the effective production of economically valuable freshwater catfish, H. fossilis.

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