Molecular cloning, characterization and expression profiling of galectin-9 gene fromLabeo rohita(Hamilton, 1822)

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Galectin-9 is a b-galactoside-binding tandem repeat galectin that regulates many cellular functions, ranging from cell adhesion to pathogen recognition. In spite of extensive study of mammalian galectin importance in immune system, little is known about that of fish. To study the normal expression and immune response of Labeo rohita to pathogens, a tandem-repeat galectin-9 from Labeo rohita was identified and named LrGal-9. Its full-length cDNA was 1534 bp encoded 291 amino acids (35.12 KDa), shared the highest 81% identity with the galectin-9 of Danio rerio. LrGal-9 identified in this study lacked signal peptide and a transmembrane domain like galectin-9 members reported in other fishes. Quantitative PCR showed that LrGal-9 was lowly expressed in gill, muscle, heart, highly expressed in tested immune tissues (intestine, kidney, liver, spleen) in normal body. After Aeromonas hydrophila challenge, LrGal-9 was remarkably increased in all tested immune tissues in a time-dependent manner. These results suggest that LrGal-9 plays a role in innate immunity in Labeo rohita.

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