The immune functions of sessile hemocytes in three organs of kuruma shrimpMarsupenaeus japonicusdiffer from those of circulating hemocytes

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Shrimp, as invertebrates, have an open vasculature that allows circulating hemocytes to infiltrate the tissues, where they are referred to as sessile hemocytes. Sessile hemocytes are known to express immune-related genes, but it is not known whether their functions differ from those of circulating hemocytes. To answer this question, we enriched them from suspensions of different tissues using discontinuous density gradient centrifugation and analyzed their transcripts by RNA-seq. The results suggest that circulating hemocytes and sessile hemocytes of the gills are in a state that could react quickly to pathogens, immune-related genes expression of sessile hemocytes differ from circulating hemocytes, and the gills, heart and lymphoid organs have cells that express immune-related genes that are different from hemocytes.HIGHLIGHTSSessile hemocytes of gills, heart and lymphoid organs were enriched.Transcriptome analysis between circulating and sessile hemocytes was conducted.Sessile hemocytes may have a different type of hemocytes from circulating hemocytes.

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