TheGRP94gene of Yesso scallop (Patinopecten yessoensis): Characterization and expression regulation in response to thermal and bacterial stresses

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The 94-kDa glucose-regulated protein (GRP94) belonging to the HSP90 family is an endoplasmic reticulum (ER) chaperone. It plays critical roles in ER quality control, and has been implicated as a specialized immune chaperone to regulate both innate and adaptive immunity. In this study, we identified and characterized a GRP94 gene (PyGRP94) from Yesso scallop (Patinopecten yessoensis). The protein sequence of PyGRP94 is highly conserved with its homologs in vertebrates, with a signal sequence in N-terminal, an ER retrieval signal sequence in C-terminal and a HATPase_c domain. Expression analysis suggests that PyGRP94 transcripts in early embryos are maternally derived and the zygotic expression is started from D-shaped larvae. This gene is also expressed in almost all the adult tissues examined except smooth muscle, with the highest expression level in hemocytes. Besides, PyGRP94 was demonstrated to be induced by heat shock and both Gram-positive (Micrococcus luteus) and Gram-negative (Vibrio anguillarum) bacterial infection, with much more dramatic changes being observed after V. anguillarum challenge. Our results suggest the involvement of PyGRP94 in response to thermal stress, and that it might play an important role in the innate immune defense of scallop.

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