Tissue regeneration promotion effects of phenanthroimidazole derivatives through pro-inflammatory pathway activation

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A chemotherapeutic drug exerts favorable antitumor activity and simultaneously exhibits expectable inhibition on wound healing process. Phenanthroimidazole derivatives possess potent anticancer activity. However, only a few studies focused on the discovery of its potential effects on promoting tissue regeneration. In this study, four novel phenanthroimidazole derivatives were synthesized and characterized, and they exhibited evident inhibition on different tumor cells; compound 3 is the most active one. Moreover, 3 can promote wound healing of zebrafish in a dose-dependent manner. Further study demonstrated that 3 promoted the recruitment of inflammatory cells, formation of angiogenesis, and generation of reactive oxygen species and also influenced the motor behavior of zebrafish. Results indicated that 3 can accelerate the occurrence of pro-inflammation, angiogenesis, oxidative stress, and innervation, which play key roles in the facilitation of wound healing. Therefore, 3 can act as a bifunctional drug in inhibiting tumor and promoting tissue regeneration.

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