Liposomal formulation of curcumin attenuates seizures in different experimental models of epilepsy in mice

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Contemporary research indicates promising anticonvulsant effect of curcumin. However, its poor oral bioavailability is a major hindrance toward its pharmacological action. Thus, this study was carried out to evaluate the acute effect of liposome-entrapped curcumin on increasing current electroshock seizures (ICES) test, pentylenetetrazole (PTZ)-induced seizures, and status epilepticus in mice. Liposome-entrapped curcumin in doses 25 and 50 mg/kg demonstrated significant increase in seizure threshold current and latency to myoclonic and generalized seizures in ICES test and PTZ-induced seizures, respectively. Similarly, liposomal-entrapped curcumin also increased the latency to the onset and decreased the duration of seizures during status epilepticus in mice. To conclude, liposomal-entrapped curcumin possesses anticonvulsant activity against status epilepticus in mice.

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