Regulatory T cells have anti-inflammatory effects by diluting TNF

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Evaluation of: van Mierlo GJ, Scherer HU, Hameetman Met al.: Cutting edge: TNFR-shedding by CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells inhibits the induction of inflammatory mediators.J. Immunol.180(5), 2747–2751 (2008). Regulatory T cells (Tregs) of both human and murine origin were shown to express and shed significant amounts of TNF receptor 2. This is important new information as the shed soluble TNF receptor 2 binds TNF, which may explain the direct anti-inflammatory effects of Tregs. This adds to our current understanding of the various effects that Tregs may exert in order to dampen inflammation and autoimmunity. However, the interplay of these various Treg effects will need to be elucidated, particularly when considering their potential therapeutic use.

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