Needs Assessment Survey for Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Colonoscopists for a Gastroenterology Community of Practice

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Demand for colonoscopy exceeds capacity in the Veterans Health Administration and the private sector. A small number of innovative Veterans Affairs and private sector facilities have created colonoscopy-training fellowships for nurse practitioners and physician assistants (nonphysicians). Additionally, a gastroenterology community of practice might provide knowledge sharing and professional networking opportunities for nonphysician colonoscopists based on assessment of their need for professional activities. A critical appraisal of related literature pointed out key motivational and structural elements of communities of practice. The survey draft was reviewed by content experts and piloted by four nurse practitioner colonoscopists. Using snowball sampling, the survey was sent to nonphysician endoscopists to capture training experiences, interest in membership, and identified preferences for the structure and delivery of a community of practice. Although the sample size was small (N = 7), results validated similar training experiences and confirmed strong interest in launching a gastroenterology community of practice.

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