Does 2-L Split-Dose Polyethylene Glycol Bowel Preparation Improve the Quality of Screening Colonoscopy?

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Effectiveness of colonoscopy as a screening tool for colorectal cancer prevention depends on the quality of bowel preparation. The type of bowel preparation agent prescribed is largely dependent on the prescriber's preference, indicating a lack of standard. A retrospective study (N = 84) compared the quality of bowel preparation using 2-L split-dose polyethylene glycol prep (MoviPrep) to other standard bowel preparations. Colonic mucosa visualized using the Boston Bowel Preparation Scale, cecal intubation indicating successful completion of colonoscopy, scope withdrawal time, and procedure duration were measured as outcomes. Gastroenterologists from one academic practice prescribed 2-L split-dose bowel preparation (MoviPrep) (Group A) compared with Group B that did not prescribe MoviPrep. Results of an independent t test between the 2 provider groups demonstrated a statistically significant difference in colon visualization based on Boston Bowel Preparation Score (t [40] = − 2.1, p = .035). Similar statistically significant results were seen within Group A, which received 2-L split-dose polyethylene glycol bowel preparation and other preparations (t [61] = − 2.55, p = .013). All patients had successful completion of colonoscopy, with no statistical difference in procedure duration and scope withdrawal time. Future studies should confirm the benefits of 2-L split-dose polyethylene glycol preparation for improved colon visualization during screening colonoscopy.

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