Steady State Strength Behavior of Yamuna Sand

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The paper pertains to the study of steady state or residual strength of sandy soils (Yamuna sand lying in the Indo-Gangetic alluvial plains) by consolidated rebounded drained triaxial test with volume change measurements and strain-controlled consolidated undrained test as well. The observed behavior obtained from these two tests is then compared to check their comparative merit. The same was also compared with those of Ganga and Toyoura sand, and with the predicted behavior obtained by using a semi empirical model. The results obtained from rebounded drained and undrained tests are found to be in good agreement. The curvature of ultimate steady state line of Yamuna sand is similar in trend to Ganga and Toyoura sand in the initial mean effective principle stress range; but the experimental observations with reference to Yamuna sand is not in good agreement with the model predictions in the region of higher mean normal stress. A semi empirical general model has been developed fitting the data for better prediction of the steady state behavior.

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