Othering across time and place in the suikoden video game series

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As geographers begin investigating the imaginative geographies of media spaces, attention is drawn to the landscapes of interactive media. The virtual environments of video games continue to grow in complexity and use, and questions remain as to the experience of the users of the designed environments. Focusing specifically on messages and metaphors in written representations, this paper investigates the changing experience of gamers through time and place by examining the Suikoden fantasy series. Beginning with the adaptation of the Chinese classic Shui Hu Zhuan into Suikoden in 1996, continuing to the release of Suikoden V 10 years later, the virtual environments of the Suikoden series are embedded with mythological and cultural messages about Self and Other. This paper utilizes visual and textual analysis to examine these changing representations over time and place in terms of the experience of these ideological messages by the players of this series.

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