The Causal Interpretation of Conformally Coupled Scalar Field Quantum Cosmology

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We apply the causal interpretation of quantum mechanics to homogeneous and isotropic quantum cosmology, where the source of the gravitational field is a conformally coupled scalar field, and the maximally symmetric hypersurfaces have positive curvature. In order to simplify the system of coupled equations studied and study the quantum behavior near the singularity, we restricted ourselves to the cases where the scale factor is small. In this case, the general solution of the Wheeler–DeWitt equation is a discrete superposition of Hermitian polynomials multiplied by complex exponentials. Superpositions with up to two parcels are studied, and the phase diagrams of their corresponding Bohmian trajectories are analyzed in detail. Nonsingular periodic quantum solutions are found. We also find that singular quantum solutions present an inflationary era in the begining of the Universe. Numerical calculations indicates that these results remain valid for general superpositions.

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