Analytical perfect fluid perturbation for the matter dominated epoch

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We present the analytical solution to the linear evolution equation of a one component Friedmann perturbation using an equation of state of the form p = (1/3)μσ2(t), where μ is the mass density and σ(t) is the root mean square (rms) velocity in the matter dominated epoch. It is assumed that this rms velocity depends only on the time coordinate and decreases as 1/a, a being the expansion factor of the Friedmann background. The evolution equations are written for scales below the horizon using the longitudinal gauge. The general solution, in the coordinate space, of the evolution equation for the scalar mode is obtained. In the case of spherical symmetry, this solution is expressed in terms of unidimensional integrals of the initial conditions: the initial values of the Newtonian potential and its first time derivative. This perfect fluid solution is a good approximation to the evolution of warm dark matter perturbations obtained by solving the Vlasov's equation for collisionless particles.

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