Comparative and Evolutionary Analysis of the Cytochrome b Sequences in Cyprinids with Different Ploidy Levels Derived from Crosses

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The mitochondrial cyt b genes in the allotetraploid and triploid crucian carp as well as triploid common carp were isolated and completely sequenced. Their DNA sequences were compared with those derived from the cyt b genes of the red crucian carp, Japanese crucian carp, and common carp with MEGA 1.0 software. Phylogenetic analysis revealed the sister relationships between allotetraploid and diploid red crucian carp, between the triploid crucian carp and diploid Japanese crucian carp, and between triploid common carp and diploid common carp. Our results indicated the cyt b genes in the allotetraploid, triploid crucian carp, and triploid common carp were maternally inherited. Through maternal inheritance, the cyt b gene in the F11 tetraploid displayed extremely high similarity to that in the female parent red crucian carp after 11 generations (from F1 to F11 hybrids). Since the establishment of the new tetraploid stocks has great significance in analyzing evolutionary theory of vertebrate and in improving aquaculture industry, analysis of the cyt b gene and the elucidation of the variation of the cyt b gene DNA in different cyprinids prove that cyt b is a useful genetic marker to monitor the variations in the progeny of the crosses.

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