Comparative Analysis (Hippotragini versus Caprini, Bovidae) of X-Chromosome's Constitutive Heterochromatin by : X-Chromosome Constitutive Heterochromatin Evolutionin situ: X-Chromosome Constitutive Heterochromatin Evolution Restriction Endonuclease Digestion: X-Chromosome Constitutive Heterochromatin Evolution

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The Bovidae X-chromosome shows a considerable variation, in contrast to the preservative autosomal conservatism. The X-chromosome variation is mostly a consequence of the constitutive heterochromatin (CH) variation; in what respect to its amount and position. This is especially common among the non-Bovinae subfamilies and tribes. In order to characterize the X-chromosome CH in non-Bovinae species – Hippotragini and Caprini tribes – we have used restriction endonuclease digestion on fixed chromosomes and sequential C-banding. With these techniques we were able to distinguish between the two X-chromosome types (Hippotragini and Caprini) CH, in what respect to its position and molecular nature. Moreover, we define at least, six subclasses of CH in both X-chromosome types analyzed. Evolutionary considerations were draw based on the results obtained. The technology used here for the analysis of the Bovidae X-chromosome CH showed to be more evolutionary informative than the classical approaches.

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