Longevity differences among lines artificially selected for developmental time and wing length in Drosophila buzzatii

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We assessed the indirect response of longevity in lines selected for wing length (WL) and developmental time (DT). Longevity in selection lines was compared to laboratory control lines and the offspring of recently collected females. Wild flies (W lines), flies from lines selected for fast development (F lines), and for fast development and large wing length (L lines) outlived control laboratory lines (C lines) and lines selected for fast development and short wing (S lines). The decline in longevity in S lines is in line with the idea that body size and longevity are correlated and may be the result of the fixation of alleles at loci affecting pleiotropically the two traits under selection and longevity. In addition, inbreeding and artificial selection affected the correlation between wing length and longevity that occurs in natural populations of Drosophila buzzatii, suggesting that correlations between traits are not a perdurable feature in a population.

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