Chromosomal distribution and genetic expression of Lophopyrum elongatum (Host) A. Löve genes for adult plant resistance to stripe rust in wheat background

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A set of wheat cv. Chinese Spring (CS)-Lophopyrum elongatum addition and substitution lines has been analyzed for its potential to offer new sources of stripe rust resistance for wheat. The adult plants of these lines, together with CS-L. elongatum amphiploid and CS, were inoculated by new physiological races CYR-30 and CYR-31 of stripe rust in China. The resistance investigation indicated that chromosome 7E1 of L. elongatum was responsible for the adult resistance in CS background. Moreover, the expression of the adults plant resistance derived from chromosome 7E1 in wheat background was dependent on the wheat genotype. In addition, the different rust resistance and glutenin composition were observed in 2 CS-L. elongatum amphiploids, indicating the genetic diversity existed in different origins of L. elongatum.

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