Morphological and isozyme variation in genebank accessionsof Aegilops umbellulata Zhuk., a wild relative of wheat

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Morphological variation and genetic variation at 15 enzyme loci were studied in genebank accessions of Aegilops umbellulata Zhuk., the diploid genome donor to all the polyploid species of the section Aegilops of Aegilops. Accessions from the Greek Islands had shorter spikes with smaller number of spikelets and smaller number of awns on the empty glume. The number of alleles per locus (A = 2.01) and the proportion of polymorphic loci (P = 0.627) were similar to those of the other species of Aegilops so far reported. Genetic distances calculated from isozyme variations among five regions revealed that accessions from the Greek Islands are more distantly related to the other four continental regions, Iran and Iraq, Southeast Turkey, Central Turkey and South and West Turkey. The present results indicated the importance of collection covering the whole range of geographical distribution to capture the genetic variation present in Ae. umbellulata.

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