Making an impermeable clay core from a flysch mudrock

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A flysch mudrock was used for the construction of the core of the Evinos embankment dam. The thinly bedded, slightly weathered and intensely folded mudrock was thoroughly investigated in order to prove its suitability to form an impermeable core. Proper winning and placing methods could produce an adequately impermeable homogeneous and plastic core material. The resulting material had a fines content (d< 0.076 mm) around 50%, low plasticity, high strength and small permeability. After a trial fill, placement procedures were finalised and the core was successfully built with small variations in its properties. A substantial increase in the depth of the borrow pit did not influence the core quality. The instrumentation results during construction and for the subsequent three years, showed that design assumptions were greatly validated and a clay material of low permeability was produced.

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