Development of rational models for tunnel blast prediction based on a parametric study

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The empirical models available for prediction of the tunnel blast results like pull ratio, specific charge, specific drilling and overbreak have some inherent shortcoming in absence of any parametric study at the backdrop. Hence, the models use different constituting parameters and provide values which differ widely. After a thorough review of literature and field investigations in the drivages of mines and tunnels some parameters were identified. Those parameters were subjected to Multiple Linear Regression analyses to filter out the most influencing ones which represent the rockmass properties, the tunnel configurations and the blast designs. A parameter called Tunnel Blasting Index (TBI) was conceptualized and was expressed in terms of those most influencing parameters. All the blast results observed during the filed investigations could be well related to a single index TBI. Some adjustments on account of shape of the tunnel and joint orientations, which were not addressed in the available models, are suggested in the developed models.

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